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I now embrace themiraculist tovakatz.com tovakatzconsulting.com and technicallymindful boardkat boardkat19 on all channels with a Divine protective bubble of clear light/white light/blue light energy, so it is registered only by those who have positive thoughts about it, with love and Angels. And so it is.


By creating great content first, the design and development build become easier and smoother all the way through launch.


I'm focused on content to support your service or product, from the beginning with strategy and branding, to launch with putting on the bells and whistles,


I've worked on all sides -- building at a start-up as a Creative Director, Senior UX Content Writer on product teams, a high-level creative at agencies, in-house corporate marketing teams, and leading as a freelancer by project. I have over a decade of experience working on a broad variety of recognizable products at well-known companies, including high Innovation and Fortune 100/500 companies.


If you're just starting out on your own, or if you're a part of a well-established company that is growing, I have experience in building everything from Brand, Print, Video, and Collateral, to Interactive, and Digital.